Bold redesign for 1950s house

A single-storey side and rear extension has helped our clients achieve their forever home. This bright, airy space links directly to the garden and creates a beautiful setting perfect for relaxing and entertaining. The area has been totally transformed into an adored space. The bright colours and fun wallpaper really help make this house a home.

We are absolutely indebted to Carl, whose design has brought light, flow and energy back into the house. The open plan area is so attractive during the day and equally so at night as we have uplit some of our trees, which we see from the kitchen & dining area east windows. We haven’t got blinds or curtains here as we just love the views.

For us, the best bits of the design are having the 180 degree view when you’re sitting in the south glass extension with french windows, thanks to the floor to ceiling fixed glass panels, and sitting in the extension looking out over the garden.

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