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2024 design trends

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We asked interior designer, Emma Kelsall, about what we’re choosing for our homes the most in 2024.  

A home office


The home office is not going away. Whilst many people have returned to the workplace, a lot of people still work from home or are hybrid working and, post-lockdown, many people have started up their own businesses that operate from home.

Sales of ergonomic furniture have increased, after people realised that their back pain was caused by spending eight hours sitting on a dining room chair or at the wrong height table. Clients are investing in adjustable height desks so they can work standing for a while. Soundproofing by way of wood panelling has become popular and panelling in general is having a moment.

People also enjoy creating a pleasant working environment and are taking more care over the design and style of their office spaces. Maybe home workers want to show off a well-designed room on a Teams meeting! And of course, being comfortable means being more productive.  So, we’re seeing good quality furniture, well-arranged shelves, calming colours or wall papers and plenty of green in the form of real or fake plants.

We’re still seeing plenty of colour in kitchen units and walls, but there is an increase in calm and earthy hues. Think soft sage and terracotta burnt-earth tones on walls and neutral or light-coloured units. Brights might show up in odd pops of colour to create interest. This follows the rising trend in sustainable and nature inspired kitchens using wood, natural stone and smart, energy saving appliances. Kitchens are tending to be sleek, ultra-modern and handleless with integrated appliances. This creates a clean, modern, efficient and stylish kitchen, easy to live in, easy to clean and with calming vibes.

Mid century modern furniture

On the flip side of this, we are also seeing a rise in personalised spaces, by which I mean those spaces which tell a story or show your personality through the items you choose. Key words in a design brief might be ‘handmade’ or ‘vintage’ where people are looking for furniture items or fabrics that have character and are very often second-hand, antique or upcycled. Mid-century modern furniture such as G-Plan is popular, as is original Ercol, often combined with newer pieces. Hunting out quality, antique furniture such as wardrobes and chests of drawers is increasingly on the weekend to-do lists for some clients.

Some pieces might be family heirlooms or things collected on travels that make it into a design, therefore creating a nostalgic and personalised space. Personally, I love this trend. As a designer keen to work sustainably and produce characterful designs using the old and new combined, I’m glad it’s on the rise.

I also spoke to husband-and-wife team Helen and Jay, who run a boutique tile shop and fit kitchens and bathrooms. Between them they have their finger on the pulse of what we’re choosing for our homes in 2024.

A beautiful bathroom with tiles from Tiled, Southsea

What colours are we choosing at the moment? Are people doing dark striking colours, have we gone all vintage or ultra-modern? Is there a colour which is ‘having a moment?’

Marine colours are very on-trend for tiles, especially in our location given we are by the sea. For kitchen cupboards I’ve noticed an increase in people choosing to have less neutrals and more colour, such as forest green and sage green.

People are being a little more daring with pink, which is a popular choice for cloakrooms and bathrooms. We’ve been selling a lot of our onyx tiles which have a mix of green and pinks and create a luxury style to a room. Occasionally we have someone who wants to create a dramatic feature wall; however I would say it’s generally more of a softer colour pallet that people want at the moment.

What kitchen style appears to be in vogue at the moment? Not so long ago there was a vintage trend and a fashion for industrial/urban looks. Are people now looking for something more modern/sleek?

In fact, shaker cottage-style is still very popular in kitchens, and sage-green appears to be very in-vogue. Choosing coloured cupboard doors is on the increase, with navy or a dark forest green becoming more popular on flat fronted doors when people opt for a modern look.

What’s the most common request/desire for someone installing a new kitchen?

Definitely a kitchen island, if space allows. And creating a dining space within the kitchen zone is very common. People don’t want a separate dining room, they prefer to cook, eat and entertain in the same space so we’re seeing larger combined kitchen-dining room layouts.

A free-standing bath in a beautiful bathroom

Same question for bathrooms?

Freestanding traditional-style baths are really popular, as well as gold or brushed brass for fixtures and fittings. Quartz is still the most popular for worktops in bathrooms too, probably because it looks so luxurious and brings a touch of decadence. Electric underfloor heating has also become much more affordable, so this seems to be on the increase

What do people spend the most money on?

Bathrooms are definitely the most popular room to renovate at the moment. It’s hard to say what one specific thing costs the most, but the overall style dictates the overall cost and there’s a premium on more traditional style products. Choosing gold or gunmetal grey fittings over chrome is going to increase the price, but if it helps them to achieve the overall style they’re going for, then clients are usually thrilled with how they look.

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