A dated bungalow re-imagined

When I first visited this tired 1950s one-bedroom bungalow, located right next to a golf course and nature reserve on the edge of Portsmouth, I could instantly tell that it wasn’t maximising its potential, in terms of space and views.

The owners welcomed my recommendation to add a six-metre full-width extension, which would totally transform it into a three-bedroom property with a large open-plan living space. They also liked my other suggestions, such as building steps down into the new living space, to create an illusion of more space, and laying parquet flooring from the front to the back to give the bungalow a cohesive feel.

Installing a large roof light, a couple of windows and large sliding doors, means the whole room is now a light and welcoming space. Exposed brick walls add depth, texture and impact. Rejigging the entire downstairs layout has made a huge difference to what was previously quite a small and rather cramped home.

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