A detached modern villa

This stunning new build urban villa combines contemporary style with sustainability. Situated in the heart of the city, this three-story home was designed to provide maximum comfort and energy efficiency while minimising its carbon footprint.

At the core of this remarkable home is a revolutionary construction method known as Structural Insulated Panel Systems (SIPS), which provides a highly insulated, airtight and strong building envelope. This means the villa is equipped to handle even the harshest weather conditions, whilst providing a warm and comfortable living environment, all year round.

Inside an open plan living, dining and kitchen area opens into a courtyard garden, while upstairs multiple bedrooms have their own ensuite bathrooms. With its unique blend of sustainability, luxury and style, this home is the epitome of contemporary living.

Building a new home is not without its challenges but overall it was an incredibly rewarding and positive experience, thanks largely to Carl who was with us throughout the entire process.

From our initial meetings, he listened to our needs and goals and gradually a final design emerged which we loved. It was from this point that we then learnt the true value of a good architect.

Carl carefully navigated us through the minefield of planning, building control, regulation and compliance, helping us to select and then manage our chosen contractors throughout the build.

We placed a lot of faith and trust in Carl and in so doing we were rewarded with the superb house that we now call home.

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