Builder of the month – April – Huxley Developments

A kitchen extension by Huxley Developments

The best bit about what I do? When our clients say to us, we love this! Meet Rafe Philpot, owner of Huxley Developments Ltd. What started as a child’s passion for Lego is now a successful construction company operating across Portsmouth, Hampshire and the South Coast. When I spoke to Rafe this week, what came […]

Southsea property drop-in event 16 April 2024

Southsea property drop-in event 16 April 204

Thinking of renovating your home or starting a project?  Drop-in for a chat with a professional between 5- 9pm on 16th April 2024. BOOK YOUR PLACE: propertydropin.eventbrite.com Location: Tiled, 45 Marmion Road Southsea PO52AT. Pop in for 20 minutes or stay the whole evening but you must book your spot: 

Small Changes, big impact: budget-friendly ideas for home renovations

Today’s hectic world involves juggling busy lives, kids, families and work. Our homes are our sanctuaries — a place to unwind, recharge and relax, and spend family time. But let’s face it, keeping our homes fresh and inviting can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, especially when what you really want is a full-blown renovation. […]

Building Green: eco-friendly extensions and sustainable solutions for your home remodel

In today’s world, where climate change is at the forefront of our collective consciousness, the desire to live more sustainably has never been stronger. As homeowners, when we make changes to improve our houses — like extending or remodelling — we have a responsibility to do it sustainably. Enhancing our quality of life by improving […]

Unlocking the hidden potential of your family home

Carl discussing the finished results with the owners

Why redesigning with an architect might be your best move Have you ever found yourself wondering why that perfectly adequate home you’ve lived in for several years now feels too small? Do you gaze around your family home, wondering why it isn’t working? There’s quite a bit of space but somehow… never enough. It feels […]

Builder of the month – March – Turnquay Construction Ltd

Cottage interior by Turnquay

Meet Andy and Mark – the yin and yang of Portsmouth-based building company, Turnquay Construction Ltd. Why yin and yang? “We complement each other really well,” Andy says. “It wasn’t always the case; we annoyed the hell out of each other in the first six months working together until we realised, we were both checking […]

March’s Newsletter & This Week’s Links

Asset Distribution. I’ve been reading Gary Stevenson’s book The Trading Game this week. It’s just out and a jolly good story. I’m nearly finished, and, along with his various YouTube videos (see last week’s links), it is a thought-provoking body of work. The basic premise is that the rich are asset-stripping governments and the regular working classes, […]

Designing your home for better well-being

The role of the interior designer You might think the role of an interior designer is to ‘dress’ a room and make it look pretty. Or that their job is knowing how to arrange a room beautifully. Of course, we do these things, but they are a minor part of the role. Interior design is […]

The Modern Victorian: breathing new life into period homes for 21st century living

Ah, the charm of Victorian houses – the character, the period features, the ornate cornices and original fireplaces. These period properties beguile us with their individuality and character. But let’s be honest, as much as we adore their vintage charm, living in a Victorian home in 2024 can have its issues. Gone are the days […]

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