Find an architect to remodel your house

You’ve bought a house and you plan to remodel

You found a house in the perfect spot and the price was right, but it didn’t have the space you need and the layout was never going to work. But there was scope, with room at the back and plenty of garden. You took the plunge, bought the house and plan to extend. Now you need an architect.

Get the layout you want

You want to create a layout that works for your lifestyle and how you will use the house. You want more space, greater flexibility and to create more light.
You need some help with ideas that will transform what you have, into what you need.

Having already moved, you’ll be investing more money into the house, so you want to get it right and ensure you spend it wisely. It needs to work for you now and in the future.

I can help transform your home

I have the expertise, dedication and passion you want from an architect, plus years of experience creating designs that turn your house into your dream home.

I’m the only architect currently using virtual reality (VR) to give clients a visual guided tour of my designs. Experience how your home could look – before you make a decision, and the builders arrive. It’s like a test drive.

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