Thoughts for the Weekend & this Week’s Links

Tech Testing. I have been testing a few new gadgets around the home lately: some successful, some a total waste of time: 1. I have recently installed a Mill electric central heating system. Compared to a wet heating system, the installation is cheap and easy. A few screws in the wall to mount a simple […]

Featured builder: Damien Gartside – expert tiler

“I was always really good at art. I got an A* in school. Hopefully my customers give me the same rating.” Meet Damien Gartside, expert-tiler; Yorkshireman; dad. His expertise may in part be due to the fact he started tiling when he was just 14, when his mum’s partner started teaching him. He took to […]

Thoughts for the Weekend & this Week’s Links

Sweat & Mush. I’m dragging myself out of a sweat-infused mess this morning to pull together a few words. It seems that Covid is still a thing. I’ll keep it brief as a week of doing not much means there is much to do. 1. What they say is true. It turns your brain to […]

November Newsletter

Pre-Love. It’s funny how time flies when you’re having fun. This is the twenty-fourth time I have sat down to write something for our weekly email. It feels like I’ve written double that amount, but that’s how it feels when you do something new you enjoy, make a new friend or move somewhere that brings […]

Feature on Tiled – a boutique tile stockist in Southsea

Where to find distinctive tiles in Southsea Taking a stroll through Southsea this week, I popped into one of its more recent additions and had a warm welcome from Helen of Tiled, a boutique tile shop on Marmion Road, Southsea. Why boutique? Because this charming shop is no tile warehouse where you wander around dazed, confused […]

Thoughts for the Weekend & this Week’s Links

Anthropological Non-avoidance. Here we go again. The alarm goes off at 0541 hrs, and by 0550 hrs, I’ve commuted to my desk, mug of Earl Grey in hand. It’s Friday morning. I wiggle my mouse and wake up Mac—type R********7. Slide over to a blank desktop to remove distractions from emails and drawings. Open Cryptpad > […]

Thoughts for the Weekend & this Week’s Links

Sometimes we canter. I am struggling to make sense of it all this week. There were multiple red flags at the beginning of the week, but after braving the storm, I got the green light, and it turned out rather fine. 1. In case you missed it, a major incident has occurred. Storm Ciaran was […]

Thoughts for the Weekend & this Week’s Links

I Drove All Night. I am sitting at my new desk, trying to open my heart. The goal: not be a closed book. It’s a difficult process. I’ve made very little headway since recommencing this journey fifteen minutes ago. I can feel my heart beating. A bit too hard. I’m tired. When I close my […]

Builder of the month – October 2023

Darren Millard

Darren Millard of Millard Installations “When I started the business, I said yes to everything. These days it’s a bit different!” Meet Darren Millard, a builder 20 years in the making who takes tremendous pride in his work and likes to inject a little personality into his construction. “I enjoy recommending something a bit different […]

October Newsletter

Sailing west

We are sailing west. This week, I’ve been marked as a no-show by some very rude Belgians. Taught 600 students to draw by hand, sailed to the Isle of Wight and back. Plus, I produced design options, submitted several planning applications, and solved technical building issues. It’s been a busy week, my brain is a […]

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