Should I have a house extension? 10 frequently asked questions

A new extension with bifold doors

I’ve redesigned hundreds of homes. House extensions and remodelling projects are a huge part of what I do as an architect. Changing your home can transform your living space, add value to your property and – importantly – enhance your lifestyle by changing the way you live in your house. You might be thinking about […]

When is a loft not a loft?

a loft before conversion

I went to see a potential client last week to discuss a ground-floor extension. As often happens, in the course of our chat they asked about other things, in this case about using the loft space. The problem was, the ground floor of their house is very open plan so, without a layout change, building […]

The Pros and Cons of a Kitchen Island

No man is an island

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s where family and friends gather to cook, eat, and share stories. Many of the remodelling projects I design are based around kitchen extensions and opening up spaces to create open-plan kitchen/dining/living areas. and many homeowners want an island in the design. Kitchen islands can be a […]

Increase your space and flexibility by going open-plan

open-plan done well

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been to see about a dozen different people to help them solve the same kind of problem. All the houses had a series of small-ish rooms that felt dark, disconnected from other parts of the house and have limited access to the garden. In essence, each homeowner had the […]

Underfoot Innovation: the Yin and Yang of Underfloor Heating

It feels like summer might have finally arrived, but memories of a long cold winter and being afraid to turn on the heating are still fresh. The British winter never gets any shorter, and with the cost of heating our homes these days, everyone’s looking for the right balance of comfort and affordability to keep […]

Bi-fold Doors: the pros and cons

Bi-fold doors have just about reached peak popularity here in the UK, largely the result of more people choosing an open-plan layout for their home and a more relaxed approach to entertaining. And having an open-plan kitchen/dining/living room seems to demand that the garden forms the final piece of the puzzle. So we want a […]

When your house has the wrong sort of space (and what to do about it)

photo of open plan home

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been to see about a dozen people to help them solve the same kind of problem. All the houses had a series of small-ish rooms that felt dark and disconnected from other parts of the house and had limited access to the garden. Basically each homeowner had the […]

How long does it really take to build an extension?

So you’ve decided to have work done on your house. This isn’t something you do every day so it’s normal to have zero knowledge about how long these things generally take. I’ve seen hundreds of construction projects from an early idea through to the shiny polished end result, so let me give you a quick […]

How to fix up your house – without divorcing your partner! 

Two birds about to get divorced over an extension to their enclosure

Are you one of those couples who can’t agree on what colour to paint the lounge, let alone whether to extend your home? You’re not alone. Let me tell you a story. Last week I went to see a lovely couple. They contacted me as they wanted to extend their house to create a larger kitchen/living […]

10 Step guide to remodelling or extending your home

extend or remodel

You’re reading this because you have a plan to change your home. You want to improve it. Maybe you need more space, want to change the layout or are thinking about extending. Do you need more light? Perhaps you have a couple of small, dark rooms that you want to transform into a light-filled open-plan […]

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