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Independence Day.

It’s Independence Day next week. Like the movie of the same name, I’m hoping the aliens come down and do us all a massive favour. Well, me at least. I shouldn’t speak for everyone.

In my dreams, the aliens in their galactic cruiser will hover over Westminster and suck it up into a giant bubble. I don’t wish any of them harm. But it would be good if Kier Sunak and his gang floated away to the troposphere. I doubt they’d even notice they’d detached from the rest of society.

It’ll be nice for them. They can take all their families and cronies, including all the journalists and hangers-on. I am particularly keen that Nick Robinson goes with them. I have avoided the news for over two years. The Today program, in my view, is pure poison. But this week, its presenter got me—a jab of poison into my soul.

I switched on to watch the football and caught the end of Mr Farage’s interview with Mr Robinson. When the interviewer thinks he’s the main event, you know it’s a waste of time. I presume the interviews earlier in the week with other politicians more likely to take power were equally as pointless and limited to 29 minutes. These should be long-form discussions, not idiotic name-calling and one-upmanship.

I think you’d be better off spending 36 minutes watching me redesign a terrace house, but you may disagree!

Design for the Weekend: 

I’ve got two videos for you today. The first is a remodel of a fantastic old house in Southsea called Vale Cottage. Nesbits has it for sale at the moment, and I was lucky enough to have a look around.

Last weekend, I created a detailed video designing a couple of options plus getting into the likely cost of the building works. But the video below is only about seven minutes long and gives you an overview of what I think will work best for the house. If you’d like to see the longer video, hit reply, and I’ll send you the link.

The second video is part of a series I made this week that examines various options for extending and modifying a two-up, two-down terraced house. You can find these on my YouTube channel.

Today’s video is a bit of a radical rethink of one of these houses. I have been thinking for a few months about how I’d like to rip out all the floors and walls and create an open and light interior. So this morning, I sat down and had a go. I’m pretty surprised by the results. I found all sorts of space I didn’t think would exist. And I’m now looking for a suitable house to turn these sketches into reality.

That’s it from me for another week. Have a great weekend.

This week’s web links, carefully curated to pique your interest, include things to do in Dorset and Vale Cottage details.

I’m always eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions on the topics discussed. You will always find me at carl@carlarchitect.co.uk.

All the best

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This Week’s Links:

Vale Cottage Southsea as redesigned this week.

Things to do in Dorset.

And article form 2015, but the same applies this coming week.

Guy Ritchie’s beer is better than The Gentleman.

Main image credit: Aliens abduct politicians, leaving Westminster peaceful and free. (DALL-E)

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