You’ve retired and want to change your home

You’ve lived in your home for years; you retired and have seen the kids settled into their own homes. You still love your house and it’s close to the family, but now you have more time and space you want to use it differently.

You might want to change the layout to accommodate that kitchen upgrade you’ve been promising yourself, or to have better access to your beloved garden. Perhaps it could be warmer and more energy efficient. Maybe you’ve decided you don’t need a garage for the car anymore.

You want to be able to have the grandchildren over to stay and have somewhere you can host the whole family on special occasions. In short, you have plans.

Expertise – dedication – passion

remodel your home

If you’re considering remodelling or extending your home the possibilities are endless and the change can be transformational.

I have the expertise, dedication and passion you want from an architect, plus years of experience creating designs that turn your house into your dream home.

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