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Sweat & Mush.

I’m dragging myself out of a sweat-infused mess this morning to pull together a few words. It seems that Covid is still a thing. I’ll keep it brief as a week of doing not much means there is much to do.

1. What they say is true. It turns your brain to mush. I could have sworn I just put two crumpets in the toaster.

2. Leicester is an interesting place. Population 369,000 (about the same as Iceland). Third biggest rugby stadium in England.

3. You can buy a beer and sit amongst away fans at a Premiership rugby match. What a revelation as a football person. I’m a convert. Although I am still trying to establish the basis for a ‘Failure to Bind’.

4. Who’d design a brand-new hotel where the lift from the lobby didn’t connect you directly to the upper levels? It’s so inconvenient that explaining in a simple sentence is impossible. You go in one lift up one level. Get out, walk along a corridor, find another lift and then go up again—a First World problem, I know. But you’d have thought that when designing a new hotel on an empty site, you’d get the lift from the lobby to rooms right.

5. When does room service cease to be room service? When you have to collect it yourself because they are too busy to deliver.

6. When does room service cease to be room service? When “I’ll do my best” (to attend to your antiquated ways) is the response to an order for the morning paper. It never showed up.

7. I’ve spent the week with the same repetitive dream. I’m locked in an empty light-yellow room with a black box-like table in the middle and a bike I can’t get out of the door. The door is only open when I’m trying to get the bike out. Very frustrating.

8. And alongside that frustration, I’ve driven myself mad looking at the ceiling trying to come up with another name that can be cleverly split into words like Will.I.Am has done with his. The best I’ve come up with so far is Kate.Her.Ine.

9. When I did get my paper in Oxford, I was pleased to discover from Jancis Robinson that ‘Champagne is a great reviver. It perks up the palate.’ After a week of Lemsip, my palate needs reviving.

Right, I’m off to find out what happened to my crumpets, to draw and to wash every T-shirt I own. Have a great weekend.

This week’s web links include Iceland, Terry & June and a strange-looking Christmas Market.

Feel free to let me know if you have any comments or suggestions. You will always find me at carl@carlarchitect.co.uk.

All the best

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This Week’s Links:

Iceland vs Iceland Food – I post this because it’s total madness, and I wonder how much money the legal profession has made out of this. Has anyone confused a utilitarian frozen supermarket with a beautiful volcanic island or any products attached to it? Honestly.

Icelandic seafront baths. Not to be confused with a freezer full of fish fingers.

As my brain is mush, I may have posted this link before, but I like the colours and wallpaper in this apartment.

A little Scottish treat.

Bored with Netflix and the like I have turned to Terry and June this week. Terry Scott is a comedy genius.

polo house.

Perhaps a bit techy, but using VR to test ideas for cities before millions are spent seems a good plan.

Now, the title of this article appeals to me; it’s a great idea to use an old house for a Christmas Market. It’s just that their idea of a Christmas Market and mine are very different!

And finally, more lipstick.

Main image credit: The home of Leicester Tigers – Mattioli Wood Welford Road

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