Design for the Weekend: A Trip to the Lakes

Transforming a Historic Home: Bright, Open-Plan Design Solutions. Welcome back to my home redesign series! This week, I’m tackling a stone-built home in Kendal with a quirky layout and charming features. This house presents a unique opportunity to create a bright, open-plan living space that is both functional and inviting. Upon first glance, the house’s […]

How can you increase your property’s value in 2024?

If you’re considering selling your property or looking to enhance its value for the future, now is the time to explore practical strategies to elevate its appeal. With the UK’s property market expected to remain competitive in 2024, increasing your property’s value will be beneficial to attract buyer attention and secure the best possible market […]

Design for the Weekend Bonus Episode

You Won’t Believe This Genius Fix for Awkward House Layouts! Welcome back to my home redesign series! In this episode, I tackle a unique challenge: an end-of-terrace house with a less-than-ideal layout. Imagine having your TV right next to the toilet—it’s a design disaster! Join me as I explore simple yet effective ways to transform […]

Design for the Weekend

Transforming a Cramped Terrace House: Smart Layout Solutions. Welcome back to my home redesign series! In this episode, I tackle a challenging terrace house layout with practical and innovative design solutions. The goal is to reconfigure the space to create a functional and inviting home without extending the property. One of the first issues we […]

Thoughts for the Weekend & this Week’s Links

Introducing Ralph. I’ve made two videos this week. They are pretty easy to do now that I have the lights and camera mount bolted over my desk, along with the correct software running smoothly. Every time I make one, I think, ‘I could make one a day,’ but then Wednesday comes around again, and I […]

Design for the Weekend

Unlock Hidden Potential: Transforming an End-of-Terrace House with Brilliant Design Ideas. Welcome back to our home redesign series! In this episode, we explore innovative ways to transform a charming end-of-terrace house. With a three-bedroom layout and an attic conversion, this house holds incredible potential, and we’re here to unlock it. Our journey begins by assessing […]

Thoughts for the Weekend & this Week’s Links

Not So Smart. I was just going to give a short introduction to this week’s Design for the Weekend video. But a single word in the AI-generated title reminded me of a thought I had earlier in the week, so we’ll start with that. To generate the description and title of the videos, I upload […]

Builder of the month – April – Huxley Developments

A kitchen extension by Huxley Developments

The best bit about what I do? When our clients say to us, we love this! Meet Rafe Philpot, owner of Huxley Developments Ltd. What started as a child’s passion for Lego is now a successful construction company operating across Portsmouth, Hampshire and the South Coast. When I spoke to Rafe this week, what came […]

Designing your home for better well-being

The role of the interior designer You might think the role of an interior designer is to ‘dress’ a room and make it look pretty. Or that their job is knowing how to arrange a room beautifully. Of course, we do these things, but they are a minor part of the role. Interior design is […]

February’s Newsletter & This Week’s Links

Power to the Pebbles. My eyes are closed. The little cottage window’s open. It’s 6.46 am, and all seems still and quiet. Outside, every five seconds, billions of smooth pebbles are dragged and deposited. Moved. The sound of absolute power is enchanting. Soothing. It never ceases and appears repetitive and rhythmic, something to rely upon. […]

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