Follow a build in-progress on this home extension: December 2023

Ken and Dina are painting. They have been painting all day before we spoke and, following our phone call, Ken will carry on painting. He is on a mission and, while not especially enjoying it, he’s glad to be doing it at all. Over the last six months walls have come down and new ones […]

Featured builder: Damien Gartside – expert tiler

“I was always really good at art. I got an A* in school. Hopefully my customers give me the same rating.” Meet Damien Gartside, expert-tiler; Yorkshireman; dad. His expertise may in part be due to the fact he started tiling when he was just 14, when his mum’s partner started teaching him. He took to […]

October Newsletter

Sailing west

We are sailing west. This week, I’ve been marked as a no-show by some very rude Belgians. Taught 600 students to draw by hand, sailed to the Isle of Wight and back. Plus, I produced design options, submitted several planning applications, and solved technical building issues. It’s been a busy week, my brain is a […]

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