Thoughts for the Weekend & this Week’s Links

Independence Day. It’s Independence Day next week. Like the movie of the same name, I’m hoping the aliens come down and do us all a massive favour. Well, me at least. I shouldn’t speak for everyone. In my dreams, the aliens in their galactic cruiser will hover over Westminster and suck it up into a […]

Design for the Weekend: Transforming a Portland Terrace House with Stunning Coastal Views

This week, I ventured into Portland, Dorset, to explore a charming terrace house with breathtaking views over Chesil Beach and Lyme Bay. Nestled on Mallams, this property, though needing some work, offers an exciting renovation opportunity with its two bedrooms, an attic room, and an additional garden plot with rear lane access. Upon first glance, […]

Thoughts for the Weekend & this Week’s Links

To Rennes and Back. How is it that French cities are so good? Rennes, a city that may not be on the typical tourist map or in the top ten French cities by population, is a hidden gem. It may not boast a grand cathedral like Rouen, but it offers a unique experience, almost like […]

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