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The home trend people still love… and why

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Usually, home trends come and go, but a style that began around 20 years ago – open plan – shows no sign of abating in 2024. What arrived as a beacon of modernity and functionality is now almost pervasive – an interior style desired by homeowners and on many homebuyers’ shopping lists.

It’s easy to see why. Walking into a spacious, light-filled home where the space flows and rooms seamlessly connect, feels just… well it feels good. The benefit of open plan living are that fewer walls mean bigger rooms and we don’t feel hemmed in. Instead, the ambience is relaxed; somehow calmer. It explains why the most common request I receive is to redesign people’s homes, changing the space from a series of small, disconnected rooms and compartmentalised living in favour of a modern, open plan space – a seamless integration of kitchen, dining and living area and a central hub for family life.

But we don’t just tear down walls and build extensions willy-nilly! I always look at the bigger picture. When I visit a client, I ask them how they want their home to work, and I listen – I really do – then I offer my suggestions and recommendations based on years of experience and creating homes that people love.

Open plan spaces can be noisier because there are more things going on in one room. Some of the privacy afforded by separate rooms is sacrificed when you start to live in one big family space. But it’s all about compromise and  clever design takes this into account. Partial walls, pocket doors and zoning your space can make sure that open plan doesn’t become broken plan.

Good design means that open plan doesn’t become broken plan

I work together with my clients to create a space that will work for their lifestyle. It’s a direct, personal and productive process. I never forget that it’s your hard-earned money being spent on your biggest asset – your home. Good design will improve how your home works and enrich how you live in it.

Good design can also make a difference to its value. Increasing floor space by just 10 percent can increase your home’s value by five percent. And let’s not forget the wow-factor: a stunning and deceptively large open-plan kitchen or living area will make a brilliant first impression on prospective buyers. Check out our before and after photos then tell me which home you’d buy.

Some designers are questioning if open plan is over, but my experience is the opposite. Maybe it’s the post-pandemic world we’re living in, but people want to spend time together with family and entertaining friends and need space to gather as a group. They don’t want to put the walls back up thank you very much.

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