The Design Daily: Transforming a 1970s House in Lilliput, Poole

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In today’s video, we tackle the renovation of a rather unattractive 1970s house located in the beautiful area of Lilliput, Poole. Despite its initial appearance, this property holds great potential for a stunning transformation. Our goal is to modernize the space by adding a front extension and creating an open-plan layout that enhances both functionality and aesthetics.

Initial Challenges and Design Concept

The existing house features a symmetrical roof with a garage at one end and a living area at the other. The floor plan is somewhat cramped, with narrow spaces and awkwardly placed rooms. To address these issues, we decided to move the entrance and create a large open-plan space with an open stair design that offers views through to the garden.

Front Extension and Open Plan Living

The key transformation involves extending the front of the house by about two and a half meters. This extension allows us to create a generous living space, complete with a double-height area for a more expansive feel. The new layout includes a separate living room, a utility room, and a shower room, all designed to maximize space and functionality.

Balancing Light and Privacy

In designing the front extension, we focused on balancing light and privacy. While incorporating glass elements to allow natural light to flood the space, we also included obscured windows to ensure privacy. This thoughtful design ensures that the home feels open and inviting without compromising on comfort.

Final Touches

The renovation culminates in a home that seamlessly connects the indoor living spaces with the garden, creating a harmonious flow. The new layout not only improves the functionality of the home but also adds significant aesthetic value, making it a truly modern and inviting space.

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