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The Design Daily: Transforming a 1970s Waterside House: Maximising Space and Views

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Transforming a 1970s Waterside House: Maximising Space and Views

In today’s video, I transform a dated 1970s house in Hamble into a stunning waterside property. This house, already blessed with an enviable location by the river, needed a facelift to maximise its potential. Here’s how I approached the renovation to create a modern, spacious, and visually appealing home.

Initial Assessment and Goals

Though well-located, the house had a tired appearance and a layout that didn’t maximise the views or space. The primary goals were to enhance the ground floor area, improve the entrance, and create a loft room with spectacular views across the river.

Ground Floor Renovations

The ground floor required significant rethinking. By infilling a corner space, we managed to create a much larger and more functional area. This new space allowed for a spacious kitchen and dining area with a large island and ample storage. Additionally, we incorporated a utility room and a wider, more welcoming entrance hall.

First Floor Enhancements

On the first floor, the focus was on maximising bedroom space and enhancing the views. The existing layout was reconfigured to create two well-proportioned bedrooms facing the river. A new en-suite bathroom was added to the master bedroom, ensuring it became a luxurious retreat with panoramic views.

Creating a Loft Room

The most exciting part of the renovation was converting the loft into a usable space. By adding a dormer window, we created a room with incredible views. This space could serve as a master bedroom or an additional living area, complete with a Juliet balcony, a small kitchenette, and a bathroom. The transformation turned the loft into a versatile, scenic space perfect for relaxation or entertaining.

Final Thoughts

The transformation of this 1970s house in Hamble showcases how thoughtful design and strategic changes can turn a dated property into a modern dream home. By maximising the sea views and creating open, inviting spaces, we’ve turned this house into a place where anyone would love to live. Watch the video to see the complete transformation and get inspired for your own home renovation projects!

This renovation project demonstrates that with a bit of creativity and planning, even the most outdated properties can be transformed into beautiful, functional homes. Stay tuned for more home renovation tips and ideas in our upcoming videos.

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