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The Design Daily: Transforming a Dated House in Old Portsmouth: Maximising Space and Sea Views

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Transforming a Dated House in Old Portsmouth: Maximising Space and Sea Views

In today’s video, we take on an exciting renovation project in Old Portsmouth, turning a dated house into a modern family home. This property, located in one of the best parts of Portsmouth, offers incredible sea views and plenty of character. Our goal is to enhance these features while creating a more functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

Ground Floor Transformation

The ground floor of this house was quite traditional, with a series of small, separate rooms. By extending three meters at the back (under permitted development), we were able to create an open-plan living space that connects the kitchen, dining, and living areas seamlessly. This new layout not only improves the flow of the house but also maximises the natural light and the sea views.

We also introduced a utility room and a more generous entrance hall. These changes improve the home’s functionality and enhance its overall appeal. The separate lounge at the front of the house remains intact, providing a cosy, private space for relaxation.

Upstairs Enhancements

Upstairs, we focused on reconfiguring the bedrooms to make the most of the available space and views. The top floor has been transformed into a stunning master bedroom with a larger dormer and balcony, allowing for uninterrupted sea views. This master suite also includes a walk-in closet and an en-suite bathroom, creating a luxurious retreat.

The other bedrooms have been optimised for size and functionality, ensuring that each room benefits from natural light and a pleasant layout. A new family bathroom on the first floor serves the additional bedrooms.

Final Thoughts

This renovation project in Old Portsmouth showcases how thoughtful design and strategic changes can transform a dated property into a modern, functional family home. By maximising the sea views and creating open, inviting spaces, we’ve turned this house into a place where anyone would love to live. Watch the video to see the complete transformation and get inspired for your own home renovation projects!

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