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The Design Daily: Transforming a Detached 4-Bed House in Lower Parkstone: Smart Layout Solutions

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Transforming a Detached 4-Bed House in Lower Parkstone: Smart Layout Solutions

In today’s video, we delve into the renovation potential of a detached four-bedroom house in Lower Parkstone, Poole, Dorset. Located near the prestigious Sandbanks and Parkstone Golf Course, this property boasts a beautiful, mature garden and significant promise. However, it requires thoughtful renovation to shine truly.

Current Condition and Challenges

The house is structurally sound but aesthetically dated, with issues such as leaks and unfinished projects evident throughout. The ground floor features three separate rooms and a small, outdated kitchen, while the upper floor includes four bedrooms, one of which is disproportionately small. Despite these challenges, the house’s prime location and spacious garden make it a worthy investment.

Proposed Layout Changes

Our approach focuses on modernising the space without necessarily extending it. Here are the key changes proposed:

  1. Ground Floor Reconfiguration: Retain the lounge as it is and convert the existing kitchen into a utility room. Open up the back of the house to create a spacious, open-plan kitchen, dining, and living area. Modern sliding or bifold doors will replace the old ones, enhancing garden views and access.
  2. Interior Improvements: Address the dated interiors by removing unnecessary walls to create a larger, more cohesive living space. An L-shaped sofa and strategically placed furniture will make the most of the available space, creating a comfortable and functional living environment.
  3. Creating a Study: Utilize part of the garage to create a home office or study, complete with a hidden door for added privacy. This provides a dedicated workspace without compromising the garage’s utility.

Optional Extensions

While extending the house isn’t necessary, it remains an option. A three or four-meter extension could provide even more living space and allow for larger bedrooms. However, this would require careful consideration of the existing structure and possible planning permissions.


By implementing these smart layout solutions, we can transform this dated property into a modern, functional family home. Whether you choose to extend or not, these changes will significantly enhance the house’s livability and aesthetic appeal, making it a fantastic investment in a highly desirable location. Watch the full video to see these ideas come to life and get inspired for your renovation projects!

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