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The Design Daily: Transforming a Three-Bedroom Flat in Blanford Forum: Modern Design Solutions

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Blandford Forum

Transforming a Three-Bedroom Flat in Blanford Forum: Modern Design Solutions

In today’s video, we dive into an exciting renovation project in Blanford Forum, Dorset. This three-bedroom flat, located on Salisbury Street in the heart of the town, offers a unique blend of historic charm and modern potential. As a former shop owned by the Brewery Hall and Woodhouse, this property is ripe for transformation.

Initial Assessment and Challenges

Upon first glance, the flat features spacious rooms with sloping ceilings, offering great views of the North Dorset hills and the charming market town. However, the layout is less than ideal, with oversized bedrooms, a cramped kitchen, and an overall lack of cohesion. Our goal is to reimagine this space, making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Reconfiguring the Space

The first step in our redesign is to optimise the layout. By repositioning the bedrooms and opening up the living areas, we can create a more fluid and inviting space. The kitchen will be relocated to a more central position, allowing for an open-plan living and dining area that maximises the views and natural light. The addition of a Juliet balcony enhances the sense of openness, bringing the outdoors in.

Improving Functionality

We also address the need for modern amenities. The current kitchen and bathrooms are outdated, so we propose installing a sleek, linear kitchen with integrated appliances and ample storage. Bathrooms will be updated with contemporary fixtures, ensuring that the flat meets modern standards of comfort and convenience.

Final Thoughts

This transformation not only revitalises the flat but also preserves its historic character. The new layout creates a harmonious balance between private and communal spaces, making it ideal for both families and professionals. By thoughtfully reimagining the space, we’ve turned a dated flat into a stylish, functional home.

Join me in the video to see the complete transformation and get inspired for your own renovation projects. Whether you’re looking to modernise a historic property or simply love design, this project offers plenty of insights and ideas.

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