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Virtual Reality – the future of architectural design

Seeing is believing  – see your home transformed with our virtual reality (VR) technology.

You’ve probably seen the TV show; the one where people put on a pair of strange-looking goggles and see a virtual mock-up of their house.

Well, it’s just like that, but better. Because it’s YOUR house.

It was hugely reassuring to be able to test our ideas more robustly. It helped us work through the various pros and cons of the project and satisfy ourselves we weren’t making any expensive mistakes. – Andy & Sarah

Most people find it hard to make sense of a traditional 2D architectural drawing. Not surprising really; it’s a weird little set of diagrams that don’t exactly leap from the page.

An experienced architect can turn these drawings into a 3D model so that you can experience a visual guided tour in virtual reality. You will be inside the design. We believe it’s the future of architectural design and Carl Architects is leading the way.

We found it challenging to look at an architect’s drawing and imagine how it will look in reality. The VR experience changed all that. It turned fear into excitement and gave us the confidence to make bold choices. – Natalie & Loic

The future of architectural design

The great thing is you don’t have to wait for the future. You can get our immersive VR experience now. Step inside your own home and experience our vision and creative designs brought to life.

The VR experience was absolutely great and a lot more than just a fun novelty. It gave us a real feel for how the space could work. The result is a design that we have a much higher degree of confidence in than we would have had just working with 2D plans. – Annie & Martin

VR Headset

Let us take you on a virtual tour of your home – remodelled or extended. See it the way you always wanted it to look. Simply pop the VR headset on and you’re inside your dream kitchen, literally. Want to see how it feels to have an open plan interior, or wander outside to the garden through a set of stylish folding doors? No problem.

Seeing the final design in 3D using a VR headset was an outstanding experience. We were able to walk around the space and really experience how it would work. We gained a perspective we would never have had until after the build was completed. – Andy & Sarah

Take a test drive 

We offer VR on any size of home improvement project that we design. Before spending tens of thousands of pounds and crossing your fingers that the end result will be what you want, why not take a test drive in your new home?

“What we valued most, was the precision of the design. We could even suggest alterations that could be adjusted real time for us to see. For anyone looking to make a change confidently, this is absolutely the way forward. – Natalie & Loic

Imagine your ideal home

We were very impressed, not to mention reassured and satisfied that Carl’s approach helped us get the development plans we wanted. We would recommend it to anyone without hesitation. – Annie & Martin

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