The Design Daily: Transforming a Historic Cottage in Ashley Cross Poole

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Ashley Cross Poole is a charming area with beautiful historic cottages that offer both character and potential. In my latest project, I had the pleasure of transforming a lovely terraced cottage, addressing some common layout challenges to create a more functional and modern living space while retaining the cottage’s original charm.

Location and Initial Impressions

Situated in a prime location, this cottage boasts proximity to shops, bars, and the sea, making it an ideal place for families and individuals alike. The cottage has a quaint front garden and a sizeable back garden complete with a garage, offering ample outdoor space.

Key Renovation Solutions

One of the primary issues with this property was the ground floor bathroom and the second-floor bedroom layout, where one must pass through a second bedroom to reach the third. To address this, I proposed relocating the bathroom to the first floor and creating an open-plan living space on the ground floor that looks out onto the west-facing garden.

Interior Adjustments

The cottage has some original features, which we aimed to preserve. The kitchen needed a revamp to create a larger, open-plan area while maintaining the cottage feel in the front lounge. By adding a two-story extension at the back, we could significantly improve the living space, making it more conducive to modern living.

Additional Modifications

The roof space presented an opportunity to add an extra wall and create a more usable bedroom. The addition of a utility room upstairs further enhanced the functionality of the house, providing a dedicated laundry space.

Final Thoughts

This renovation showcases how thoughtful planning and design can transform a historic property into a modern, functional home. Whether you’re considering extending your own home or simply enjoy watching home transformations, this project highlights the possibilities and challenges of renovating a charming cottage in a prime location.


This video and blog post contain personal opinions and suggestions based on my experience. Always consult with a professional before undertaking any major home renovations. Costs and outcomes may vary based on individual circumstances and specific property conditions.

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