March’s Newsletter & This Week’s Links

Asset Distribution. I’ve been reading Gary Stevenson’s book The Trading Game this week. It’s just out and a jolly good story. I’m nearly finished, and, along with his various YouTube videos (see last week’s links), it is a thought-provoking body of work. The basic premise is that the rich are asset-stripping governments and the regular working classes, […]

Designing your home for better well-being

The role of the interior designer You might think the role of an interior designer is to ‘dress’ a room and make it look pretty. Or that their job is knowing how to arrange a room beautifully. Of course, we do these things, but they are a minor part of the role. Interior design is […]

December Newsletter

This week is the monthly newsletter; of course, we have a festive version for you. Lisa has done a great job, I hope you enjoy reading it. I’ve been getting all festive by trying mince pies from every shop. I can report that Iceland makes the best based on price vs quality algorithm. I have […]

Feature on Emma Kelsall – a Southsea-based interior designer

“It starts with a feeling.” This month, I met with Emma Kelsall, a local interior designer who believes strongly in your home as your sanctuary; somewhere you can be yourself. “I start by asking people how they want to feel in their house. How should the ambience be in a particular room? How do they want […]

November Newsletter

Pre-Love. It’s funny how time flies when you’re having fun. This is the twenty-fourth time I have sat down to write something for our weekly email. It feels like I’ve written double that amount, but that’s how it feels when you do something new you enjoy, make a new friend or move somewhere that brings […]

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